2 New Vision Pro Apps: “Guided Guest Mode” & “FocusBeats: Pomodoro + Music”

“Guided Guest Mode” elevates Apple Vision Pro demos with easy-to-follow guides for an immersive introduction to spatial computing. “FocusBeats: Pomodoro + Music” combines productivity-enhancing Pomodoro technique with themed music to boost focus during work sessions.

Cihat Gündüz
2 min readApr 15, 2024

Guided Guest Mode

Own an Apple Vision Pro? Enhance your demo experience! Navigating friends through its features can be tricky & it’s easy to miss out on showing some of its best aspects. But no more! 🎉

Guided Guest Mode is designed to offer your friends & family a smooth introduction to the future of spatial computing. Use the built-in guides inspired by Apples own demos to showcase the best experiences or create your own guides. A huge time-saver!

A short demo video of Guided Guest Mode.

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FocusBeats: Pomodoro + Music

Also available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

You like to work with background music? And you want to improve your productivity with the Pomodoro (25m / 5m) technique? Then this is the app you’ve been waiting for: It provides selected themes for music like movie soundtracks or classical music. And automatically plays & pauses the music during focus & break periods. Discover focus music for every mood!

To auto-play music, this app requires an Apple Music subscription. If you don’t have one, it’s serves as one of the best Pomodoro timers out there. It’s free to use for the default 25/5 Pomodoro system and select music themes.

A short demo video of FocusBeats on Visio Pro.

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