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In this post, I will try to give you a practical overview of Regular Expressions to teach you what they are, what they can be used for and a quick intro to how you can use them.

What are Regular Expressions even?

Regular Expressions (short Regexes) are Strings that work as a DSL (domain-specific language) to do some common tasks within other Strings. A DSL can also be subscribed as “a programming language within a programming language”.

In the case of Regexes, the outer programming language can be any programming language that supports the String type, it just has to support Regexes. Nearly all popular…

How to effectively configure Bitrise CI for iOS projects: Introduction, Best Practices and Tips & Tricks — including preconfigured configuration templates.

Table of Contents

Why Bitrise CI in the first place?

While Bitrise is a relatively late player to the game of Continuous Integration services, it has always focused on mobile apps and therefore usually provides the most up-to date server instances (including Xcode betas) and easiest configuration. …

Introducing a SwiftPM-based dependency manager for the Apple developer community to fill the gap until integration into Xcode.

Note: Feel free to skip ahead to the section “A new Dependency Manager is born” if you are already experienced with Carthage, CocoaPods & SwiftPM.

Table of Contents

A little History of Hope

When Swift Package Manager was announced back in November 2015, the Apple developer community began hoping for Xcode to gain support for fetching and integrating open source frameworks automatically sometime soon. Then…

This document provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure a build script to run on each build executing a command line tool. SwiftLint is used as an example.

Step 1: First, install the tool(s) you want to execute in the build script (e.g. via Homebrew or Mint)

brew install swiftlint

Step 2: In Xcode, select your target to add the build script to

Step3: Navigate to the Build Phases tab

How to write safer localization code and save time by getting less distracted from your actual code writing task in Xcode.

The Status Quo in Xcode

As developers we know for a fact that context switches are inefficient. This does not only apply to CPUs though, it’s also true for the coding process itself. Often times we start writing code we need to immerse ourselves into, that’s why developer tools try to support us with any little task that might distract us from writing the actual code.

Xcode is a very good development environment in that it helps us app developers both with basic development tasks (like code completion, syntax highlighting, refactoring) and more complex tasks like defining device-agnostic UIs (Interface Builder) as well as several…

Dieser Artikel ist eine Übersetzung des englischen Originals von Patrik Edblad.

“Wir sind das, was wir wiederholt tun. Exzellenz ist daher keine Handlung, sondern eine Gewohnheit.”
— Aristoteles

Dein heutiges Leben ist das Ergebnis deiner früheren Gewohnheiten:

  • Wie fit du bist ist ein Ergebnis deiner Gewohnheiten.
  • Wie gebildet du bist ist ein Ergebnis deiner Gewohnheiten.
  • Wie glücklich du bist ist ein Ergebnis deiner Gewohnheiten.
  • Wie viel Geld du hast ist ein Ergebnis deiner Gewohnheiten.
  • Wie gut deine Beziehungen sind ist ein Ergebnis deiner Gewohnheiten.

Ich könnte so weiter machen, aber ich bin sicher, du hast die Idee verstanden. Wie der…

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