HUGE CrossCraft 2.0 Update: Seven Major New Features!

This update brings key improvements like saving and syncing crosswords, expanded content with 30 new topics, and enhanced user experience with features like puzzle tips, a native Mac app, a native Vision Pro app & sharing options for competitive play.

Cihat Gündüz
4 min readFeb 7, 2024

CrossCraft 2.0 is here — a huge update to the app that can create an infinite amount of crossword puzzles for various topics and even allows adding your own questions to surprise friends & family or your audience with a personalized puzzle.

In the 6 weeks since the app’s initial release, I worked tirelessly to get the most requested features out, and I’m happy to introduce you to 7 major improvements:

#1: Save & Sync Crosswords

You can now save crosswords to solve them later! And your progress will also sync across devices through iCloud. This was the most requested feature!

#2: 5 New Categories & 30 New Topics

Before this update, 22 topics in 5 categories were supported. This update doubles the number of categories and more than doubles the number of topics! And all of them are available in all 7 languages (EN, FR, DE, IT, PT, ES, TR).

Here’s a full list of all the new topics:

  • General Knowledge:
    Anime, Bollywood, Culture & Religion
  • TV Shows (new):
    Friends, Game of Thrones, SpongeBob, The Simpsons
  • Video games (new):
    Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Pokémon, The Sims
  • Sports:
    Karate, Taekwondo
  • Language Learning:
    Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish
  • Culture & Religion (new):
    Ancient Egypt, Christianity, Greek Mythology, Islam, Judaism
  • Science (new):
    Astronomy, Biology, Computer Science, Economy, Medicine
  • Technology (new):
    Apple, Cars & Engines, Google, Microsoft

More topics are already in the works and will be added in future updates.

#3: Get (Limited) Tips

Every puzzle has those few words that you just don’t know or don’t remember. You can now uncover a limited amount of fields so you don’t get stuck at a 90% completed puzzle just because of a weird hint, which can be really annoying!

#4: Game Center Support

Earn Achievements for using various features of the app and compete with friends & others in global Leaderboards. Each category has its own leaderboard, so it’s your time to shine and show off your skills in your favorite topic!

#5: Native app for the Mac

While the iPad version of CrossCraft was available on Apple Silicon Macs from day one, I took the extra effort to prepare a native Mac app with a more fitting look & feel. This means CrossCraft is available on Intel Macs for the first time now!

#6: Native app for the new Apple Vision Pro

Additionally, I migrated CrossCraft to visionOS for a native experience and even live-streamed the entire process. Spatial Crossword Puzzling is here!

#7: Share & Play the Same Puzzle

Share your puzzle with a simple link or a printed QR code. This way you can create a puzzle & challenge a friend to solve the same puzzle — who’s faster?

If you have an audience of readers, share an image of a custom-prepared puzzle to challenge them and add a QR Code that opens the puzzle right within CrossCraft for a smoother solving experience right within the app.

I created puzzles in 7 languages for you to experience the new sharing feature:

These features were requested most, I hope you like how they turned out!

Get the update now: 👇👇👇

If there are any more features you’re missing, please drop an email. 👨‍💻

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