Streaming Open Source Development on Twitch — Part 1

My Streaming Motivation & Hardware Setup with Reviews

Cihat Gündüz


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Motivation: Sharing with/Giving back to Community, Time Efficiency
Hardware Setup: Mac, Headset, Webcam, Green Screen, Mic, Light


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Splitting my time as an Indie

It hasn’t even been three months since I started my journey as an Indie iOS Developer at the beginning of this year. During my very first week, I mostly used to plan for my first couple of months. One of the easier decisions I made that week was that I wanted to invest some portion of my work time in Open Source topics. After all, doing what I love was one of the reasons to go Indie in the first place. And I always enjoyed giving back to the great community that I had profited from for nearly a decade now as an iOS developer.

The tougher question was: How much of my time do I want to invest? While I’m sure that I will experiment with this more in the future, for a starting point I tend to either follow the 60–30–10 rule (borrowed from color theory) or the 80–20 rule (also known as the “Pareto principle”). As I started my Indie career without any existing paid apps, I wanted to mostly focus on my first product and didn’t want to split my time up too much, so I went for the 80–20 split. This means 80% of my work time, I’m investing in my own products, and 20% of my work time, I’m allowing myself to work on Open Source topics.

Planning for the long run, acting today

Besides Open Source development, I also had (and still have) a plan to prepare a free video course for total beginners because I have been asked for such a thing by various people throughout the years several times. My goal with it is to kick off the viewers’ journeys in the world of iOS development — but it’s easy to get stuck right after such a beginner course. An idea of solving that was to develop some apps from start to finish fully live on Twitch, allowing anyone who took the course to…



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