Swift Evolution Monthly: December ‘22

Registry auth, Opt-In Reflection, if-switch Expressions, Vision documents, DiscardingTaskGroups, and Foundation rewrite.

Cihat Gündüz


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One of the side effects of Elon Musk taking over Twitter was that the provider hosting this very newsletter is being shut down as soon as this month. So, while I’m still traveling Japan (sadly, only a few days left 😔), I had to find a new provider and migrate everything over, which is why this issue comes unusually late. And that’s also why the design and sender of the newsletter will look different if you’re reading this as an email newsletter.

Here’s the new link for the newsletter:

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I skipped the November issue on purpose, as there weren’t enough interesting new proposals to cover from the perspective of app developers. But December had some interesting ones incoming, and there were even two proposals posted in January, which I will summarize in the next issue. I also decided to move one more proposalsummary to the next issue, otherwise, this text would have been too long.

Without further ado, let’s get on with what happened in Nov/Dec!

Accepted Proposals

The following proposal already presented in the past has been accepted:

Proposals In Review/Revision/Waiting

You can still provide feedback for these proposals. The current rejection rate is <10%, so they’re likely toget accepted. Revisions are more common.

SE-0378: Package Registry Authentication

Links: Proposal Document 📝 | Review 🧵

Before we get to the news of this proposal, let me first clarify what a “package registry” is, as this newsletter was started after they were accepted to Swift and thus I didn’t cover them yet. SE-0292: Package Registry Service, which was only recently shipped with Swift 5.7 (in Xcode…



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