Swift Evolution Monthly Jan + Feb ‘23

Expression Macros, Deprecate @UIApplicationMain, Forward Declared ObjC Interfaces, Swift 5.8 & 6 schedule

Cihat Gündüz
8 min readMar 20


The last issue had an unusual delay already because I had to move the newsletter over from one service to another while I was on travel in Japan. This time around I had to skip an entire month because I had to move my flat from one city to another right after, which was a much much bigger task! 😱📦💪

In fact, I couldn’t work at all for about 5 weeks and the relocation is still not fully completed. But that’s how life is sometimes. At least I have a full workroom to myself now (instead of just a table in my bedroom), which could help to be more productive in the future. Also, I will finally have a real background in my Livetreams instead of having to use a green screen like before (to hide my bed 😂).

Additionally, I’ve decided to change the structure of this newsletter a bit. I noticed that some proposals I summarized went through (sometimes significant) changes during the review process, such as the move operator which was first renamed to take and then later to consume. It's hard for me to keep up with these changes and edit my summaries (in time), plus edits aren't even possible for sent emails.

So, starting with this issue, I will be summarizing only the accepted proposals. I’ll treat other proposals like I treated pitches/discussions before and list them in their own section with their title and related links so you can read up on what sounds interesting. The related links will also include the vision document from now on (if one exists), so you can read up on the bigger picture.

Also, I’ve created a new account for this newsletter on both Twitter & Mastodon where I plan on posting even shorter summaries of proposals as soon as I’ve worked through them. I might also send out other Evolution-related posts from time to time, so if you’re interested in more frequent news, make sure to follow:
@SwiftEvolutionM (Twitter) / @SwiftEvolutionM@iosdev.space (Mastodon)

With that said, let’s get to the summaries of proposals accepted in Jan/Feb:

SE-0382: Expression Macros



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