Swift Evolution Monthly: March + April ‘23

1-Year Anniversary: Summaries on GitHub! AsyncStream, Attached Macros (in SwiftPM), Package Publish, Parameter Packs, Feature Flags & Foundation Preview.

Cihat Gündüz
10 min readMay 2


It’s already been a whole year since I started writing this newsletter! 🥳 Can you believe it? I’ve had so much fun sharing all of the latest news and updates about Swift with you over the past year. Starting with a recap of the Swift Evolution history in the first issue of the newsletter, I managed to cover as many as 44 proposals already, and with this issue, I’m adding six more, reaching 50!

To celebrate this milestone, I’ve created a GitHub project with all my past summaries shared with this newsletter already. This should make it much easier for anyone in the community to find a specific proposal summary. I designed the repo in such a way that you can simply replace apple in a proposal's GitHub URL (https://github.com/apple/swift-evolution) with FlineDev and you’ll directly get to the summary of the related proposal!

I also decided that starting with this newsletter, I will also always summarize one old proposal discussed and accepted before this newsletter was even kicked off that I find still relevant and interesting. This way, the repo should become even more useful as a “summary project” for all the sometimes too-detailed proposal documents. And I invite members of the community who already wrote proposal summaries in other places to contribute to the project, too! Or just write a summary for a topic you’ve always been interested in, writing a summary is a great way to learn more about Swift, I can tell from experience! 😉

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me so far. Here’s to another great year of Swift Evolution Monthly! 🍻🎉

Accepted Proposals

The first of the newly accepted proposals highly relates to an older proposal I didn’t cover yet. So, I think it’s most natural to start with this old proposal:

SE-0314: AsyncStream and AsyncThrowingStream

Links: 📝 Proposal | 💬 Reviews: 1st, 2nd | ✅ Acceptance



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