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Regex overhaul (pt. II), Swift Snippets, new Workgroups

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Last month I presented the first two Regex (or String-processing) related proposals, stating that they are just “kicking off a series of Regex-related proposals”. And here we are, Regexes still being the main focus — and they will probably still be in next month’s issue.

But that doesn’t mean nothing else happened on Swift Evolution. There’s a very interesting proposal for adding Snippets support to SwiftPM. Also, multiple entirely new pitches were made by the community, some of which I’m linking below. And there’s also news on the organizational front.

Read on to learn more about all these developments!

Accepted Proposals

The following proposal already presented in the past has been accepted:

No other proposals were accepted within the last month!

Proposals In Review/Revision

For the following proposals, you can still provide feedback. The current rejection rate is less than 10%, so it’s likely they get accepted. Revisions are more common.

The following proposals already presented were returned for revision:

On to new proposals in review!

SE-0354: Regex Literals

Links: Proposal Document 📝 | Review 🧵

Regex literals will provide a safer way to define regular expressions than passing a pattern String: While a pattern String can only be checked for syntax errors (such as an opening brace ( without a closing brace )) during runtime (= when the code is executed by the user), the literal can be checked at compile-time (= when you build your app) and therefore it will help reduce crashes for your users or error handling code for you because you don’t have to catch any errors. The syntax will look familiar to those experienced in languages like Ruby, Perl, or JavaScript:



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