Swift Evolution Monthly: May ‘23

package Modifier, Noncopyable structs/enums, Custom Actor Executors, Freestanding Declaration Macros, more Packs.

Cihat Gündüz
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WWDC is rapidly approaching — and if last year is any sign, then many of the proposals covered in past issues and down below in this one will be integral part of the session videos: Either because Apple introduces new APIs only possible thanks to recent changes in Swift, or simply to give developers advice on how to make use of Swifts latest features. As many things are going on in the community right now inspired by WWDC, I will try to keep this issue as short as possible.

I don’t want to skip on these two topics though:

  1. The WWDC Notes project is more active than ever this year. With the help of the community, we aim to cover 80% of all sessions within the first week. Over 20 volunteers joined within a few days, and we are looking for more contributors. If you’re unable to watch many sessions, you can still help (and profit) by contributing notes for one or two sessions. Together, we can achieve a lot. Join us on Slack & send me the topics you’re interested in to get involved!
  2. To celebrate WWDC within my own work, I decided to add some useful and completely free features to my developer-focused app RemafoX. Also, there’s a massive sale during WWDC for those interested in its advanced features. I’ll leave you with a GIF demoing the new free features:

Accepted Proposals

7 new proposals were accepted in May, so I’m skipping on the old one here.

SE-0386: New access modifier: package

Links: 📝 Proposal | 💬 Reviews: 1st, 2nd | ✅ Acceptance

Currently, Swift library authors that like to split their code into separate modules have use the public access modifier to make any APIs available from one (helper) module to another. This makes these APIs available to all users of the package, even if the API is not intended for public use. Library authors have to stick to a single module…



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