Swift Evolution Monthly: October ‘22

Lifting limitations on Xcode, Result Builder variables, Existential arguments, testable Clocks, and Back-Deploying Functions

Cihat Gündüz


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October has been a very busy month for me for two great reasons:

Firstly, my love for the great country of 🇯🇵 Japan and its people has made me plan for a long-term trip to the country for a long time, and this plan just became a reality this month as Japan reopened its borders. I can look back to a month full of planning, packing, and traveling. The cool thing is: I am actually writing these lines from a café somewhere in Tokyo now, the most populated city on earth! 😍

I’ll be here in Japan for the next 3 months, which is a dream come true for me personally. But don’t worry, I’ll be continuing to work on apps and write articles from here. Just focusing on studying Japanese on top of all else. 🤓

Secondly, as I already mentioned in the last issue, October was the month I intended to release my first app as an Indie developer — and so I did!

Say hello to ReMafoX, the app on the mission to simplify developer life by providing new workflows for localization when working with Xcode. I wrote a short article on how it can help you here — if you’re very limited on time, make sure to at least watch these GIFs which will give you a good first impression of it.

Here’s what other members of the Swift community had to say about it:

This new localisation tool from Cihat Gündüz looks great. As with any tool that tries to integrate with Xcode, setup is a little long-winded and awkward, but once configured, it’s a breeze to add or edit localisations from directly inside your source. The workflow focuses on Xcode, making it an excellent fit for solo developers or small, developer-heavy teams. If that’s you, there’s a free tier/trial, so check it out!

Dave Verwer in iOS Dev Weekly (Issue #580)

@ReMafoX_App, a tool for Indie Developers to localize their iOS apps, looks pretty strong in terms of functionality but it also has fabulous in-app onboarding help and YouTube instructional videos 👍👍👍



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